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Fortunately there are simple steps investors can take to minimize costs and mitigate unnecessary risks to capture their fair share of the market gains over the long term. Risk can never be eliminated, but it can be limited to an extent where investing becomes a much more attractive activity, provided the investor is ready and willing to learn the appropriate lessons.

Daniel Goldberg | Manager of Simi Valley Investment Services | California Registered Investment Adviser

About Dan Goldberg

The vast majority of today’s working professionals must save regularly and invest wisely if they are to realize their dreams of a comfortable and financially independent retirement. Over the past several decades our financial markets have experienced extreme volatility with steep gains and crashes. In addition, most individual investors under-perform the markets due to poor asset allocation, high costs and excessive trading. Our current retirement system forces the individual investor to navigate through a complex maze of financial instruments often leading to poor returns without proper guidance and education.

As a former Director of Engineering, in my early years, I personally made many of the common mistakes most investors make. However, after the “Dot-Com” crash, the Housing Market Meltdown of 2008–2009 and the subsequent recession that followed, I became determined to educate myself and others on how to make better investment choices, mitigate unnecessary risk, and simplify the financial planning process.

After many years of research, speaking with friends and colleagues who suffered the consequences of market turmoil, and soul searching, I felt compelled to put my investment and educational experience to use. With so many professionals contributing to IRA and 401(k) style retirement plans, and so much money invested in our retirement system, we all have a common interest and benefit from its success.

Best Regards,
Daniel Goldberg
Manager of Simi Valley Investment Services

California Registered Investment Adviser
CRD# 285860
Series 65 Securities License
Education: BS, MS – Engineering

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